Leader's meetings

Leader's Meetings will be at 7pm at the Twin Cities Police Department (Doherty Ave, Larkspur, CA) on the Following dates:

  • September 10th-

Welcome, Council Resource Guides, The New Ebiz!, Early Registration Patches, Local Choices Activities, Calendar of Service Unit Activities, Nut Sales training, and Discussion.  See you there!

  • October 8th- The Council Resourse Guide.  Your Friend!  Whats new this year! Nut sales Q &A.
  • November 12th- Scouting for Food!  How your troop can and can't help organizations!
  • December 10th- New Leader Celebration!  Journey Q& A.  Bring Your Questions, Problems, and let's solve them together!   Act Team Meeting too!
  • January 14th- Cookie Training..Initial Orders are due January 21st. Cookie Dance Jan 25th! Act Team Meeting too!
  • Febraury 11th- Troop Camping Certification! If you want to take your troop camping you need to know this!  AND- Summer Camps!  It's Time to Register!  Best Ways to get your child into Camp
  • March 11th- Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  What are they?  What's new?  How do I help my troop accomplish them?   Camporee Planning Meeting!
  • April 8th- Camporee PLanning Meeting!
  • May 13th- Spring Renewal and Troop Financial Reports