Act Volunteer Positions

Act Team is just a group of parents helping to bring great girl scout program to our girls.  We encourage you to bring your new ideas, and start a thought revolution about how we can better serve our area.  All levels of skill and commitment wanted.  Some jobs the Act Team fufills are:

Leader Support Manager- Sarah Jane

Memberbership Development Manager

Program Support Manager

Registrar-  Carol

Treasurer- Claire


Service Unit Resources Manager

Fall Product Sales Coordinator- Kathy 

Cookie Product Sales Coordinator

Family Giving Champoin

Cultural Liason- Dinorah

Learning Facilitators- Sarah Jane

Hospitality Chair

School Organizers/Coordinators- Jennifer

Website Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

Ceremony Consultant

Songs Consultant

Games Consultant

Crafts Consultant

Journeys Consultant

Bronze Award Consultant

Silver Award Consultant

Gold Award Consultant