New Members

Welcome!  We are so glad you're here!  Thank you for joining us in making a wonderful scouting experience for the girls of Marin del Centro.


Important information!

  1. Sign up for the leaders email list.   Important information about events, sales, and general scouting goodness are sent out via this email list.  Please feel free to post to this list if you have news to share, questions, or problems.
  2. Attend Leader's meetings.  They are once a month, and have lots of training.   We are also committed to having an open discussion.  We want to hear from you!  You can send any representative from your troop to these meetings!  Don't feel like you have to do it all.  This is a great job for a working parent that wants to help.   
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Contact Information

  • They handle getting all girls registered.  
  • The help new troops get all their paperwork turned in correctly.  
  • They help new leaders with any and all questions.  
  • Remember!  Girls do not need to join troops to be a member.  We have a full years schedule of activities.  

">Remember! Sometimes troops are filled to capacity.  ;Also, if there isn't space at the current time in a certain troop that could change.  Don't get discouraged.  We have a troop you can participate in until you find or form your own. Or you can choose to just do our montly activities!   There are lots of options!

Our Girl Scouts of Northern California Community Development Director (CDD) is Kelly.

  • She can help you find out more about Girl Scouting in our area.  Choices programs (activities led by GS Nor Cal), Camp Regsitrations, School Site Reservations, etc. She can also help you find the right person in our Service Unit, Marin Del Centro, to help you.

Our Leader Support/Program Manager is Jennifer Noyola.

  • She runs the leaders meetings.
  • She runs the Service Unit Team Meetings, also known as ACT Team.
  • She helps troops and volunteers run events during the year, and is a good resource if you have questions about events or volunteering.
  • She is responsible for bringing relevant information from Girl Scouts of Northern Cal to the volunteers of Marin Del Centro.
  • The buck also stops here!  Any problems let her know!